Garbage disposal earnings top Rs. 300mn in 6 months -Megapolis Minister

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CITY-DM-4-2 Untitled-1Garbage from Colombo Municipality and other local government bodies earned almost Rs. 300 million within six months, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka said.   

The Minister stated that plans of earning through the disposal of garbage had finally come to fruition for the government. “They hung up banners stating that garbage was not something to throw away but a method of income. This finally happened during the past six months,” he said.   

Compost and recycled garbage from Colombo will also be used to fill in the parks that will be established at the Port City.   

Ranawaka also revealed that the area surrounding the Meethotamulla garbage dump and the Bloemendhal garbage dump will be developed in the future.   

The garbage issue in Colombo and other developing cities would be resolved for the next 80 years due to the steps taken by the government. “The first step of this plan will be completed by November in Arwakkalu. We have set this up with our own funds, we did not take any loans for this. This programme will make enough to fund itself.”   

A project initiated by the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation Development Corporation (SLLRDC), transported garbage to Kerawalapitiya for recycling. The Minister said the compost produced there would be sold as the Mihijaya Pohora in bulk for coconut cultivation. At the recycling plant in Kerawalapitiya, plastic, polythene and glass, including bottles were separated and sold to traders.   

Speaking of other development projects, Ranawaka stated that many land acquisitions for projects had been halted due to various issues. “We hope to resolve these issues soon and begin these projects.”   

Several projects have been proposed for Moratuwa including a multimodal transportation centre, renovating of the Veera Puranappu Grounds and redeveloping the Katubedda public market. “We need the support of the recently elected council members for these projects which we hope we will receive,” he concluded.