Measures taken to protect Big Onion farmers

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By Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa and Mohamed Buhardeen   

Despite our requirement of Big Onions of 250,000 metric tonnes and our local farmers produce only 60,000 to 70,000 metric tonnes, we are making progress to reach this target by protecting our Big Onion farmers, State Minister of Agriculture Wasantha Aluvihare said.

He was speaking at a meeting held at the Galewela Divisional Secretariat to discuss the issues confronting the Big Onion farmers. 

He said that these farmers were on the verge of giving up cultivating Big Onions, but was happy that with his intervention he was able to obtain several concessions to these farmers. During the harvesting season, the importation of Big Onions from abroad interfered with the prices obtainable for the local farmer. A permanent solution to this problem had now been decided by this government. The unpredictable weather too affected the farmer and they feared to engage in the cultivation of Big Onions. 

The government has taken steps to provide Agri- Insurance of Rs.100,000 for each hectare and a crop failure compensation of Rs. 40,000 per acre. In addition a fertilizer subsidy of Rs. 1500 is also made available. Seed Onions are made available at Rs. 9000 a kilo. 


Meanwhile, the import duty on imported Big Onions had been increased to Rs. 40 a kilo. With this move the local farmer has been able to receive Rs. 70-80 per kilo for Big Onions they produce.   

He also said that it is much regrettable that the decisions taken by the highest levels do not reach these farmers. 

The State officials responsible have not carried out these instructions which has caused much inconvenience to the decision makers.