Non-biodegradable products still in the market: ACPMRA Polythene manufacturers in hot water

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By Sheain Fernandopulle   

While claiming that the non-biodegradable polythene products are still in abundance in the market, the All Ceylon Polythene Manufacturers and Recyclers Association (ACPMRA) President Anura Wijethunga claimed that they are confronted with a crisis as they are unable to sell their biodegradable products.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Mr. Wijethunga said the entire polythene industry is almost collapsing due to the rapid prevalence of non-biodegradable polythene products.   

“The main reason for this is the inefficiency of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) to conduct raids on illegal polythene products. We have noticed that many boutiques and shopping malls are filled with non-biodegradable polythene products. Hence, biodegradable polythene manufacturers have to undergo a critical period to put biodegradable products into the market,” Wijethunga said.   

“We are not in a position to say that the move to ban selected polythene items like lunch sheets, shopping bags, regiform lunch boxes is not good, but the CEA is unable to execute the polythene ban properly and conduct raids in a better way,” Wijethunga added.    Meanwhile, Director of Waste Management at CEA Ajith Weerasundara admitted the fact that there was a huge prevalence of non-biodegradable polythene products in the market and it has caused problems to biodegradable polythene manufacturers.   

“Although the CEA has been conducting raids, there are some individuals who still manufacture non-biodegradable polythene products illegally. As the CEA does not possess the authority to arrest any illegal manufacturers, we have decided to accompany the Police so that the illegal manufacturers can be severely dealt with,” Weerasundara said.