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Life-1-7Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Malaysia, M J M Muzammil sent the following clarification in response to the Daily Mirror article published on May 30, 2018 under the headline: Govt. Must Take A Cue From Mahathir.   


“I write with reference to the news article which appeared in the front page of the Daily Mirror on May 30, 2018 under the headline, GOVT. MUST TAKE A CUE FROM MAHATHIR. The said news item has been featured in websites and also in social media since YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohmad was appointed Prime Minister of Malaysia in May 2018.   

The Daily Mirror news report referred specifically to the arrest of nine Ministers, 50 Judges, 200 policeman and 144 businessman for corruption and also the shut down of the airspace and sea.   

The High Commission has been closely monitoring the developments in Malaysia and also in particular the pre and post-election developments over the past several months   

The High Commission has officially inquired regarding these news reports and wish to state that as at date the said news reports are based on speculation and innuendos which are factually incorrect.