Ishan De Lanerolle presents Different Voices II

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After last year's much talked about show, De Lanerolle prepares to feature over 200 of his students on stage. We spoke with him to get some information about the show. 

Ishan says "logistically this is not an easy thing as I am bringing all my students together, for one show. I teach in Wattala, Mount Lavinia, Thalawatugoda and Colombo 5 on different days of the week, so I never see the 200 + together ever. We have hired a hall and now bringing them together for DV2." 

He says he is humbled as a result of so many parents and students placing their trust in him to teach these young children. Each one is special and they are very different to each other. 14 and above students all have to sing solo at the show, as such I have to have a 2 day show. The soloists who sing on the first day will be different to the 2nd day and they will be in-dispersed by the junior (3 to 7yrs) and Intermediates (8 to 13yrs) performances. 

He says "we don’t audition children when we accept them, I believe that everyone can sing. I also believe that everyone’s voice is different and beautiful and that’s why the title of the show is ‘Different Voices’. Singing is not only about singing, it’s about gaining confidence to present something to an audience, I have noticed that the students who get off the stage on concert dates have sometimes fought and won a battle within them selves. 




Concert – 1st and 2nd of June Venue – Bishop's College Auditorium


Untitled-4Most often it’s stage fright issues and other personal issues. On some occasions parents have brought their children to me saying we don’t want them to sing, we just want them to gain some confidence. 

For me it’s a wonderful satisfaction to see all these children taking the stage after battling the many issues they have had. 

They may not be perfect, but  I have seen them develop through weeks and months into what they are today."