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Life-1-7By Kelum Bandara

An agreement has not been reached between political parties on the Executive Presidency and electoral reforms in evolving the new Constitution, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumanthiran said yesterday.  

Mr. Sumanthiran told Daily Mirror that only the Steering Committee of Parliament could draft the new Constitution. He said the experts committee, assisting the Steering Committee in the process, had been asked to submit a paper to be considered in working out the final draft of the new constitution.   

Asked whether the final draft would be ready soon, he said, “Well, that is what the resolution says.”  

However, he said the parties were yet to agree on areas such as the Executive Presidency and electoral reforms.   

Asked about the Constitutional amendment brought in by the JVP to abolish the Executive Presidency, he said the TNA was yet to study it and said he could not comment on it until then.