108 containers of canned fish retained

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Untitled-29By Sandun A Jayasekera

The Sri Lanka Customs (SLC) said it had retained 108 containers out of a consignment of 171 containers of canned fish, after detection of worms in them, Deputy Director General of the Environmental, Occupational and Food Safety Unit of the Health Ministry Dr Lakshman Jayalath said yesterday.


Dr Jayalath added that the Health Ministry had already ordered the importer to return the contaminated stock of 108 containers to the exporter in China.

Addressing the media at a seminar conducted for journalists at the Health Education Bureau yesterday, Dr Jayalath said the contaminated stock of canned fish was detected at a casual check at the SLC by the Health Ministry.

“No one must not panic over the import of canned fish contaminated with a species of worms, because they are not harmful or does not pose a health threat even after consumption,” he said.


No one must not panic over the worms, because they are not harmful or pose a health threat…


“They would not poison your food even after you ate them but it is a matter of aversion,” Dr Jayalath said.

He said that the relevant authorities could take legal action against the importer under the provisions of the Food Act and added there had been political and official pressure to get the suspended containers released.

Dr Jayalath assured that not a single contaminated can had entered the domestic market and therefore there was no health risk.