Colombo-Katunayake expressway along Wattala Mabole Road Unplanned road development projects cause havoc

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Text & Pics by Sarath Chinthaka and J.A.L. Jayasinghe  

Factory owners in Enderamulla were severely affected by a narrow passage created by the Colombo—Katunayake Expressway along the Wattala Mabola Road.  The road, mainly used by large containers transporting raw materials and other products to factories in Welikalamulla are unable to use the road as it is too low for the vehicles.   

Residents in the area said the Expressway which was constructed above the road was too low to allow these large vehicles pass.   

It is interesting to note that, Western Provincial Councillor Dolton Janaka Sooriyabandara had lowered the road by a foot or so with the assistance of the Road Development Authority (RDA) which allowed containers as large as forty feet to pass.   

However, the road was filled into its original condition, after residents protested against the traffic congestion and flood situation which was created, even for the slightest rainfall. The RDA had refilled the road.  

While appreciating the efforts by the RDA, to widen the road allowing vehicles of all sizes to pass, residents said that embarking on the project under the current weather condition had only resulted in extensive traffic congestions in the area, especially during the afternoon, when the road was used by school vans and other vehicles travelling to and from St. Joseph’s College in Enderamulla.   

Meanwhile, former Wattala-Mabola Municipal Councillor Rexy Wasantha alleged that the contractor had sold sand to residents at Rs. 3,000. “They even asked me if I wanted to buy the sand they had dug up from the road. If this project had been done during the dry season residents may not have protested against it,” Wasantha concluded.  

Provincial Councillor Sooriyabandara responding to numerous statements regarding the project said the country could not develop if infrastructure was not developed to facilitate it. “There were several individuals against the project as they wanted to introduce their contractors and earn a commission. When they could not do that they riled up the residents and ensured the project was halted. I will inform the President regarding these individuals and their actions,” he vowed.   

When contacted, the RDA in Negombo, officials said the road will be returned to its original condition soon.   




Residents, factory owners and motorists severely inconvenienced by prevailing situation