Colombo Municipality launches Green City programme today

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By Nabeela Hussain  

The Colombo Municipality will launch the Green City programme today (June 5) in a bid to make an environmentally sustainable city.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Municipality Director (lands and environmental development) Dhammika Jayawardena said a new digital data base would be launched at the ceremony.   

“We will collect and store data regarding each and every tree in the city with this programme. It will allow us to develop the environment in the city and make it greener.”   

Information such as the age of the tree, when it was last trimmed, the impact it has on the surrounding environment and indications of whether a certain area needs more trees, are some of the data, officers hoped to collect through the programme.   

“We have been working through the complaints that we receive daily. This programme will allow us to look at the environment in a scientific manner and make the necessary changes to ensure a healthy and sustainable future. Most importantly, we can measure if the number of trees is sufficient for the number of residents in an area.”  Officers will have access to the digital system via mobile phones to input data. “We are starting with our personal mobiles and data packages, but we hope to obtain the better equipment to collect data in the future,” she said.  Jayawardena went on to say that the number of officers working on the project would be insufficient. “We need more people. Not everyone in the office can be sent out to collect such data.”   

The project which is scheduled to kick start at the Viharamahadevi Park today (June 5) will see the launch of the digital programme and also a tree planting ceremony.