Development plan for abandoned paddy fields in Boralesgamuwa Govt. launches massive irrigation project

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By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

Paddy cultivators in Boralesgamuwa area hailed the Land Development Ministry for clearing the Boralesgamuwa tract of paddy fields that had been abandoned for several years. A vast area of the Eastern boundary of the tract of paddy fields has already been cleared and developed for paddy cultivation.   

 However the farmers expressed concern about the hardships facing them for want of adequate infrastructure facilities. They said a part of the paddy fields have been filed and used as a jogging track park during the previous government. The farmers pointed out that the canals and anicuts destroyed by floods had been neglected without maintenance and left to the mercy of the shrub jungle. Several farmers said they cultivated a small area with great difficulty but without a yield to meet the expenses, but they could have reaped bumper harvest in both the Yala and Maha seasons, as in the past, if they had adequate irrigation and infrastructure facilities.   

“The present government has launched a massive project to clear the shrub jungle and to repair the irrigation canals and anicuts. The project would be a success if the entire tract of paddy fields, about 100 acres in extent, was available for cultivation,” they said.   

They requested the authorities to maintain the irrigation works and to clear the entire tract of paddy fields. They were hopeful that it would soon be a tract for smiling paddy fields.