Navy team cleans up Galle Face Green

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The Galle Face Green which is one of the most popular places of tourist attraction in the city of Colombo has been littered with rubbish, polythene bags etc. ruining the scenic beauty of the location. Accordingly, a team of naval personnel under the directives of the Commander Western Naval Area, Rear Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenna undertook a clean-up effort at the Galle Face promenade on Sunday (June 2nd).  

About 50 naval personnel belonging to the establishments of SLNS Rangalla, Parakrama and Kelani who were involved in the project, won high praise from the public. The collected heaps of polythene and plastic were directed to the Navy’s polythene and plastic recycling centre located at the Crow Island, Mattakkuliya where fancy items, flower pots, fence posts, and interlocks for gardens are being produced.   

Further, this project would pave the way to find a sustainable solution to the solid waste disposal issue in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Navy is a prominent partner in undertaking such projects with a view to making a clean and green environment in Sri Lanka.