From Templars Road junction to Maliban junction Ignorance of public officials had made this stretch in a dilapidated state

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Buy H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

The Galle road from Templars Road junction in Mount Lavinia to the Maliban junction has been in a dilapidated condition with waste water gullies overflowing into the pavements. Residents of the area said ill planned road development activities resulted in this state. They pointed out that the waste water gullies damaged during excavations which were carried out without any supervision.  

A resident of Galle road in Mount Lavinia D.Lionel Muhnadiramge said the pedestrians and motorcyclists are facing accidents due to pitfalls and rusts in the road and the pavements, but the Road Development Authority had not paid any attention on it despite continual representations.  

“The urban development project launched by the previous government was not completed. It ground to a halt near the Mount Lavinia public cemetery. The present government neglected it accusing the previous government. We made representations to the Ratmalana Coordinating Committee but to no avail. Officials said the entire stretch of the road should be developed with pavements, but they had not yet taken any step to do it”  he said.  Siriwardena Gamage, a resident of Dharmarama road said the broken gullies prevented the free flow of water creating mosquito breeding grounds. The nauseating smell from stagnant water created a serious health hazard. 

He accused the RDA and the Municipal Council of ignoring continual representations on the sad state of the main Galle road.  

Residents of the area and the drivers requested the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry to give priority to the repairs and maintenance of the Galle road from Mount Lavinia to Ratmalana.    



The urban development project launched by the previous government was not completed