Master plan finalised to develop and conserve Beira lake

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The project was allocated 
55 hectares 
for development, 
30 hectares 
for state offices, 
27 hectares 
for the 
Sri Lanka Railway Department, 
26 hectares 
for warehouses


Major development projects planned for the Beire Lake and the surrounding areas are to begin soon, as the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development was granted approval to conserve and develop the banks of the lake prior to construction.   

The cabinet paper noted the need to develop the area into a tourist attraction and stated that approval had already been granted for several development projects including a linear park.   Subject Minister Champika Ranawaka sought to conserve and develop the banks of the lake well ahead of the planned development and infrastructure projects are to begin.   

The ‘Beira Lake Intervention Area Development Plan’ initiated several years ago is a joint venture of the Singapore Corporation Enterprise, Center for Livable Cities and Temasek Foundation.   

The multi facetted development plan for the Beire Lake area, was dubbed Ranmasu Pura, by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development was revealed yesterday.   

The land around the lake will be reclaimed completely and will be one of the five areas that will be developed by the government in creating a development corridor connecting the Colombo Harbour, Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo Port City and Galle Face.   

Speaking to the media on a previous occasion Ranawaka said the aim of the project was five fold and would include programmes to increase the productivity of the area, clearing out and maintaining the lake from being used as a dumping site for waste while protecting the surrounding environment, development of the area as well as opening up the area as a recreational area for locals and foreigners.   





Officials have stated that more than 70 government and private institutions and more than 1,000 smaller private bodies and residential properties in the area dumped garbage and waste in the lake. The dumping of medical waste in the Lake was another reason the ecological system in and around the lake had changed drastically over the years.   

The project was allocated 55 hectares for development, 30 hectares for state offices, 27 hectares for the Sri Lanka Railway Department, 26 hectares for warehouses a majority of which will come under the purview of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA), 24 hectares as residential areas and 20 hectares as public area.   

Close to 150 acres around the lake will be developed as commercial properties while the remainder will be converted to a park. The new city will be connected directly to the Financial City that is being constructed in Galle Face as well as the multi modal transportation hub close to D. R Wijewardena Mawatha.     




Pics by Nisal Baduge