Rs. 7.3 mn Customs duty trimmed down to half million

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By Mahinda Nissanka   

A container load of imported finished garments which qualified for a Customs duty of Rs.7.3 mn was released by the Customs clearance office after charging only a Customs duty amounting to Rs.515,000.  

The Department of Customs is now conducting a detailed investigation into this fraud.   

A senior customs officer revealed that the importer had connived with the wharf clerk and had this container released after paying a reduced amount as customs duty. When this container with the load of finished garments was leaving the Grandpass container yard, the Customs Central Investigation unit had taken it into custody.   

This stock of finished garments worth about Rs. 200 million had been imported from India by a businessman in Pettah.   When this matter was posed to a senior customs officer he said that a formal inquiry would be conducted over this incident of not recovering the higher duty applicable on these goods and releasing them after charging a very low amount as duty.   

Disciplinary action would also be taken against the Customs Preventive officers on completion of this inquiry.