Another woman dies due to Influenza in Matara

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  By Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk  

Yet another individual, a woman, had died on Saturday (9) as a result of the Pneumonia Virus, Inquirer into Sudden Deaths in Matara, T.M.Lalith de Silva said. This brought the total number of deaths from this disease at the Matara General Hospital to 16. 

 The deceased was Walpola Hewage Amaraseeli (67), a resident of Wewrukannala in Dickwella.  

The inquirer said that arrangements were being made to send the body parts for further investigations to the Colombo Medical Research Institute.  

Two persons, including a pregnant woman, had died due to being infected with the influenza virus at this hospital out of a total of 16 who died from the illness in the period between May 1 to date.   

In addition to this, nine little children had died at the Galle and Karapitiya hospitals in the south and at the Lady Ridgeway hospital. 

In a bid to do their part to help eradicate this disease in the district, the Press Association in Matara had launched several awareness programmes throughout Matara district.