Provincial Council Amendment Act Election Commission decides proposals to LG Ministry

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By Dayaseeli Liyanage  

The Election Commission opines that the recently adopted Provincial Council Amendment Act which provided for the introduction of mixed electoral system for provincial councils has decided to send its proposals on revision of the Provincial Council Amendment Act, to the Provincial Council and Local Government Ministry.   

Through these proposals the Commission expects to overcome difficulties it has to face under the new provincial council election system and to remedy the inherent deficiencies in the Amendment Act, a senior spokesman of the Commission said.   Discussions with experts are now in progress to formulate the Commission’s proposals on revision of the Amendment Act.  The Election Commission has to face many inconveniences in conducting provincial council elections under the provisions of the existing Act, he said.  The main problem relates to electing of members to the provincial councils on a fifty- fifty ratio under both the first-past-the-post and proportional electoral systems, he stated.