Attempts by wildlife officials, Thewarapperuma to save cow elephant fail

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By Pathum Dharshana  

An exhaustive attempt by Wildlife officers assisted by Wildlife Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma to save a female elephant who had been injured by a trap gun in Horowpothana, failed as the animal succumbed to the injuries it had sustained at the hands of poachers.


The villagers had spotted the injured elephant near the Diyathiththawewa in Horowpothana and informed the wildlife department. A team of wildlife officers and the deputy minister spent several hours trying to save the animal but to no avail.  

The deputy minister had even taken the unusual step of bringing Buddhist monks from a nearby temple and had them chant ‘Seth Pirith’, hoping to bring healing to the animal. However, all attempts failed and the animal died on Sunday. Later wildlife officers and Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma arranged to bury the animal with funeral rites being administered with the Maha Sangha also present.