Doctor who refused to budge shows his political might

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-10 By Ranjith Karunaweera   

 An incident was reported where a doctor refused to give up his seat to three Buddhist monks who boarded the bus despite the seat being reserved for the clergy and then used his ‘friends in high places’ to get the bus stopped at the police station.   


The bus travelling on the Colombo-Bibile Road was full and even the seat reserved for the clergy had been occupied by laymen. When it reached Warakapola three monks had boarded the bus and some passengers got up and offered their seats to the monks. However the doctor had refused to give up his seat. A heated argument then broke out among the passengers forcing the conductor to request the doctor to kindly move back as the seats in front were reserved for the clergy. This request too was ignored by the doctor who refused to budge.  

A call made by the doctor to a politico known to him during the melee compelled the bus to end its journey abruptly and proceed to the Mahiyangana police station where a compromise was reached.