Protest campaign to remove foreign fishermen in Jaffna

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By Romesh Madushanka  

A group of people in Jaffna on Monday (11) were agitated when leader of the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) Mavai Senathirajah arrived at the place where a protest march was held.  

Senathirajah witnessed this incident when some protesters were carrying out a protest campaign urging the authorities to remove the foreign fishermen at Maradankeni, in Jaffna.  

The protesters accused Mavai Senathirajah saying that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is not taking any action over the burning issues faced by fishermen in Jaffna.  

“When the TNA has the potential to find solutions to our crisis, it is just evading the issues whenever we come to them,” the protesters said.  

At last Mavai Senathirajah had to desperately vacate the place over the incessant protest by the protesters.