Shooting at Kiriwehera Suspect identified, says Police

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  • Probe alleges former Chief Kapu Mahathaya of Mahasen Devalaya involved


By Darshana Sanjeewa

Former Chief Kapu Mahathaya of the Mahasen Devalaya of the Kataragama Kiriwehera Temple could have been involved with the shooting in which Kiriwehera Chief Incumbent Ven. Kobawaka Damminda Thera and another monk were injured, the Police said yesterday.

Kobawaka Damminda Thera and another monk were injured when three gunmen opened fire at them on Tuesday night.  Ven. Kobawaka Damminda is undergoing treatment at a private Hospital in Colombo.

The Senior Police officer said a Honda Vezel registered as UP CAG 8531, which had been used in the shooting, was recovered from the former Kapu Mahathaya’s house.

He said the suspects involved with the shooting had been identified and that they had fled the area.

He said that according to investigations the shooting had taken place due to a dispute over the ownership of the Mahasen Devalaya in Kataragama.

Ven. Kobawaka Damminda Thera took over the management of the Mahasen Devalaya from the Kapu Mahathaya after the Thera detected misappropriation of funds at the Devalaya recently.