When ‘brother’ became ‘uncle’ he decided on a drastic change of style

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Metro-logoBy The Viyaluva Correspondent   

A rural youth, who went along with some friends to the City in search of employment, found work at a construction site.

The young man (who was only 20) wanted to blend in with the crowd and look ‘hip’ just like the other young men his age. So he grew his hair and beard according to the trends that prevailed. However, when he went back to the village the people there, who were naturally not that educated in today’s fashion trends, thought his new look showed maturity and started to call him uncle out of respect rather than brother, which they used to address him earlier. Taking this to be a slur on the new ‘modern’ image he was trying to project to the world, the youth decided to take drastic steps to alter their view of him.    

He visited a hair saloon and soon got rid of his newly styled hairdo and beard so that he would look young and get to be called ‘aiya’ again instead of ‘mama’.