SF withdrew his order to remove Sinharaja elephants

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By Ajithlal Shanthaudaya   
Minister of Wild Life Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka yesterday revoked his  original decision to remove two elephants from World Heritage site Sinharaja Forest Reserve.   Sarath-Fonseka-2015.07


Director General of Wild Life M. G. C. Suriyabandara said on Sunday the Minister ordered to temporary halt removing the elephants.   
Despite President Maithripala Sirisena’s order not to remove the two elephants on Friday (15), Wild Life officers’ continued search operations to find the two elephants to relocate them to some other place under Minister Fonseka’s guidance.   

A special team of Wild Life Officers went to Sinharaja Forest with a lorry to load the elephants, ropes, chains and other tools.   Instead of Wild Life Veterinary surgeons, Air Force veterinary surgeons were attended the place with anaesthetics to sedate the elephants.   

Minister’s stance was to remove the elephants for the safety of the people of the area despite the order of the President not to remove them from the forest.   

According to minister’s order, the operation to catch the elephants was underway till yesterday (17) morning.   
A protest organized against the removal of elephants with the participation professionals, environmentalists and residents of the area was held in Rambuka village near to Sinharaja Forest 
yesterday (17).   

When inquired about this from the Assistant Director of Wild Life Prasanna Wimaladasa in Uva and Southern Provinces said on the order of the Minister of Wild Life and on the instructions of the Director General, the operation of catching the elephants was stopped.