Stray dog menace in hospitals continues unchecked

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Hospital authorities say they have been unable to find any solution so far


Text & Pics By Rekha Tharangani   
Hospital sources complained of numerous issues that had cropped up due to stray dogs roaming the Colombo South Teaching Hospital.   

The patients said that these dogs frequent  the out-patients department and clinics. As a result, it is liable to infection. The patients are inconvenienced due to fights among dogs in the clinics, according to hospital sources.   
When questioned, Hospital Director Dr. Asela Gunawardena said that the stray dog menace had become an acute problem, and in spite of the requests made to various sections regarding this problem, no solution had been found so far.   

Although the stray dogs were killed earlier, there is a prohibition order to prevent the dogs from being killed and the breeding of stray dogs is on the increase as a result. He added that he faced numerous issues from animal rights activists when he had represented the needs of patients.   

So far, there were about 13 stray dogs in the hospital premises, according to the Director of Health. Dr. Gunawardena said he had raised the issue with high ranking officials as well.   
It is said that many stray dogs frequent the Colombo National hospital as well as several other hospitals.