Western Provincial Ministry of Agriculture Confusion in obtaining data regarding land for cultivation

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By Muditha Dayananda   

Information provided by the Western Provincial Ministry of Agriculture was incorrect and he would not make the mistake of presenting the data to the Council, Provincial subject Minister Gamini Thilakasiri said yesterday. 

The statement was made when JVP Councillor Nandana Padmakumara requested information regarding the total land area that was cultivated in the province, the total amount of land that could be used for cultivation and that abandoned during the years 2015 and 2016.   

Thilakasiri replying to the councillor said, data provided by his ministry for each of the questions showed that data for both years were similar in number.   

However, he stated that information such as land that was previously used for agriculture and was later filled in, and the use of barren paddy lands, was not included in the calculations.  

Meanwhile, JVP Councillor Padmakumara said that he had obtained the necessary information from the information officer of the Western Province Agricultural Department. “The information I have received is reliable and it is indeed a problem if the provincial subject minister cannot obtain the same information from his ministry,” he concluded.