Prelate: TUs, Govt. should be flexible

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Postal Union says will resort to fast unto death campaign


LATE-CITY-DM-16By Nadeeka Daya Bandara

Mahanayake of the Malwatte Chapter Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera said in case a strike either the Government or the trade union should demonstrate flexibility in their stance or else it would not be possible to resolve an issue.

During a meeting with convener of the United Postal Service Trade Union Front K.M. Chinthaka Bandara and several representatives Ven. Thera said that a strike dragging on for a long time would not benefit the strikers, the Government or the public. “It is the public that would face hardship in case of any strike in the Public Service. The trade unions and the Government both, should focus attention on the predicament of the people and show flexibility in their stance to resolve the issue expeditiously in the interest of the public,” Ven. Mahanayake Thera said.

The trade union representatives said their demands were justifiable but the Government was attempting to suppress the trade union action instead of resolving the issue.  They said that more than two-week-long strike had brought the Postal Services all over the country to a standstill, but the Government was planning to dismiss more than 27,000 postal employees instead of resolving the issues.

“We have not demanded a guarantee to protect our trade union rights and not a salary increase. The Minister has accepted it in principle but he is not prepared to implement it. 

“However, we regret any inconvenience caused to the general public. We would resort to the fast unto death campaign if our demands were not met” They said.