Rohan Welivita to produce Sri Lanka’s first 3D film

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 Media man, teledrama and film director Rohan Welivita is to produce 

Sri Lanka’s first 3D film. The shooting of the film titled “Shakthi” is to commence in October this year. The film will be based on the drug trade in Sri Lanka and the script has been written by Welivita himself. 

The film depicts the manner in which the drug trade has seeped into the very fabric of society despite the efforts of a committed policeman to combat it.   

 Actors Lucky Dias, Roger Seneviratne and Buddhika Jayaratne will be playing  roles in this film and two newcomers are to be introduced to the public  through this film. Several other novices are to make their debut into the  world of film through this production. Welivita will be using the most advanced 3D technology in the production of this film.