Monaragala pumpkin cultivators incur heavy losses

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Dump toiled harvest in jungles


By Nayanajeewa Bandara   

Vegetable farmers in the Monaragala District who cultivated pumpkin this year have been in a predicament for want of a remunerative market for their produce. They said they were compelled to discard large stocks of pumpkin and incur heavy losses.  

Member of the Monaragala Pradeshiya Sabha Y.Upul said that the farmers in the Monaragala District were the suppliers of large stocks of pumpkin to the outside market but they had to dump their produce in the jungles or to destroy them. “The wholesale price of pumpkin is now less than five rupees. However, the retail price in the market is about Rs.40. The farmers who bring lorry loads of pumpkin to the fair, destroy them and return home empty handed  in utter disappointment. 

It is not possible even to meet the cost of transport, not to mention profits. Farmers in Thethagallanda, Marawa, Kahambana, Monaragala, Siyambalanduwa , Thanamalwila , Wellawaya and Buttala areas are reaping a bumper harvest of pumpkin at present, but to no avail,” he said.  

Meanwhile agricultural officers in the district said the yield of pumpkin cultivated in more than 10,000 acres  had gone waste for want of demand.