Chinese Embassy clarifies on new york times article

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In response to the New York Times’ article published on June 25, as well as the clarifications and responses by various parties in Sri Lanka, the Chinese Embassy here said the article was full of political prejudice and completely inconsistent with the fact. 

Issuing a statement on Saturday, the Embassy stressed that China has always been pursuing a friendly policy towards Sri Lanka, firmly supporting the latter’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and opposing any country’s interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. It is encouraging that all sectors of the Sri Lankan society highly appreciate China’s tremendous support and selfless assistance for ending the civil war and post-war reconstruction in the island nation. 

 Despite any interference from a third party, China would like to work together with Sri Lanka to actively implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, and concentrate unwaveringly on our fixed goals, continuously promote the pragmatic cooperations under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiatives  following the “golden rule” of “extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits”, to better benefit the two countries and the two nations.