Colombo District Co-ordinating Committee meetings Only designated officials will be allowed to participate

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By Muditha Dayananda   

Western Province Chief Minister Isuru Devapriya directed divisional secretariats to engage with only the Chairperson or the Mayors of local government bodies for the Colombo District Co-ordinating Committees.   
Speaking at the Committee meeting, the Chief Minister revealed that a circular had been issued regarding the officials who could participate in the meeting.   

“According to this circular, only the Chairperson or the Mayor, the head of the political front can participate in this meeting. Elected representatives and opposition leaders of these councils will not be permitted to participate in these meetings,” he said.   

The Chief Minister went on to lament that several councillors now came to the meetings with other individuals who supported their views and projects.   

“When we have unwanted people at these meetings we are not able to discuss what we need. Therefore, it is now the responsibility of the divisional secretaries to ensure that unnecessary persons do not take part in these meetings,” he concluded.   

The meeting was held by District Secretary Sunil Kannangara at the New Town Hall.