Ed Sheeran sues musician following ban on royalties

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Untitled-6It was revealed this week that he was being sued for $100 million for ‘ripping off parts of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On for his hit 'Thinking Out Loud.’ But a report from The Sun suggests that Ed Sheeran, 27, has filed a lawsuit against musician Sam Chokri after losing royalties to his song The Shape Of You when the latter claimed the song ‘was a copy of his 2015 track 'Oh Why.’ The singer’s lawyers submitted a writ to London’s High Court on Saturday against Chokri, 25, and songwriter Ross O’Donoghue for ‘damaging [Sheeran] reputationally’ and hitting his ‘revenue streams’. Sheeran is said to have received no money for his 2017 hit – which is said to have  amassed £20 million thus far – ever since May 10 after the Performing Rights Society put the song ‘into suspense.’ The PRS makes decisions on royalty payouts, and had blocked him from receiving royalties upon considering an expert report submitted by Chokri and O’Donoghue.

Sheeran’s lawyers are believed to be seeking confirmation from the court that the musician did not copy Chokri’s song, as well as compensation. The singer’s lawsuit comes after legal documents filed in New York on Thursday claimed the Grammy-winning musician's 2014 track 'Thinking Out Loud' had been copied.


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