Sad plight of residents at St. Peter’s Lane in Dehiwela

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Untitled-6By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath  

The side drains in St. Peter’s Lane off Galle road in Dehiwala that runs through an area of thick population has been obstructed with garbage and branches of trees pruned by the Ceylon Electricity Board. Residents of the area pointed out that the branches of trees cut down by the CEB had been heaped up in the side drains without least concern about obstructions to the free flow of water and that the side drains overflowed during the recent rains.   

A resident of St. Peter’s Lane, Ramani Gunawardene (58) said that the CEB pruned the trees haphazardly causing environmental damage and heaped up the branches in the side drains.   

“However, it is the responsibility of the Municipal Council to remove garbage and to clear the side drains. We know that the CEB would not clear the obstructions to the side drains, but they must cut down the branches of trees that obstruct the power supply. They had pruned the trees about 15 yards away from the street lamp posts and dumped the branches in the side drains. During the recent rains the side drains overflowed, submerging the home gardens. Now the drains are filled with stagnant water and garbage. When we informed it to the Dehiwala –Mt. Lavinia Municipal Council, the officials blamed us for not informing the CEB to remove the branches cut down by them. They said that the Municipal Council was responsible for effecting repairs to the side drains and removing garbage, but any trees and branches cut down for the protection of the power mains should be removed by the CEB. This tug-of-war would only cause hardship to the residents of the area,” she said.  

A resident of the 2nd Lane off St. Peter’s Lane, Yvonne Rodrigo said that the people living in several housing schemes along St. Peter’s lane were facing hardship due to obstructions caused to the side drains.  

“Garbage removal in the area is very unsatisfactory. Garbage collections along the lane have created a serious health hazard. We have hundreds of houses in the scheme with a large population. We leave garbage collection in the garbage bins in front of the ground floor that are not removed for weeks. We are living in constant fear of any possible danger of Dengue fever. Our continual representations in this regard to the Municipal Council have fallen on deaf ears,” she said.  Residents of the area requested the Dehiwala – Mt. Lavinia Mayor and the members representing the area, to look into this public nuisance.