Welikada killings: Lamahewage and Rangajeewa further remanded

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By T.Farook Thajudeen  

Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage further remanded the Commissioner of Prisons (Rehabilitation) Emil Ranjan Lamahewage and Neomal Rangajeewa, an Inspector of the Police Narcotics Bureau, till July 17over the alleged killing of  27 inmates during the deadly shooting at Welikada prison in 2012.  

The CID filing a report in court submitted that they had sent 25 weapons recovered from the scene of the crime to the Government Analyst for inspection and report. They said they are awaiting for his report.   
The Prison authorities did not produce Lamahewage in court as he was hospitalized. 

At the time of riot in the Welikada Magazine Prison in 2012, Lamahewage was posted as Prison Superintendent.  

The deadly riot on 9 November 2012 resulting in deaths of 27 inmates, and caused injuries to a prison officer and 20 prisoners. 

The riot occurred when prisoners took control of the prison after objecting to a search by the STF who entered the prison to nab hidden arms, drugs and mobile phones in the prison premises.