The Musical Journey Continues

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Six students of the legendary piano teacher Mary Billimoria including Shyama Perera, Menaka De Fonseka Sahabandu, Priyanthika Wickramasinghe, Ramya De Livera and Soundarie David Rodrigo along with 17 of their students entertained a packed crowd last weekend with a variety of light classics, jazz and other compositions. From Master Sir to German operas and pieces by other composers, the performers kept the audience tapping their toes till the end. It was an evening where the teachers as well as their students performed on one stage to pay tribute to the late music legend who has played a significant role in their careers. The concert was in aid of Women in Need, a charity that works to give a hand for victims of domestic violence, child abuse and other forms of violence against women and girls. Towards the end of the evening, a few music lovers had this to say.