Crime rates on the decline – Law and Order Minister

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CITY-DM-4-5 By Chaturanga Samarawickrama   

Contrary to the false impression created by certain groups that the country was rife with crime the number of crimes in the island had reduced considerably, Law and Order Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara claimed yesterday.   
He said drug-trafficking was closely connected to underworld activities and that there was no efforts on the part of the previous government to intervene and control those crimes when in power.   

“We have created an environment where the police can act freely to control drug-trafficking and underworld activities,” the Minister said. “There were organised criminal gangs that were operated by the previous regime,” he said.   Most of the recent arrests of organized gang leaders that were made in the Southern Province were those who were protected by the previous government, the Minister said.   “If we look back at the recent arrests of organised gang leaders in the Southern Province, most of them were under the protection of politicians of the previous government. But no such activities have taken place under this Government,” Minister Madduma Bandara said. “No one in this Government is operating criminal gangs, neither are criminal gangs under the protection of the Government,” Minister Bandara said.   

“During the previous government, there was political interventions taking place during drug raids. This government has decided to assign special police teams to control drug-trafficking in the near future,” the Minister added.   

According to police reports, the number of murders reported had reduced in 2017, compared to 2013, the Minister said. “In 2013 it was 586 and in 2017 it had reduced to 452. Meanwhile 2181 incidents of rape were reported in 2013 while it decreased to 1732 incidents reported in 2017. Additionally 4743 robberies had been reported in 2013 but that number had reduced to 3366 in 2017,” he said.    He also revealed that a large amount of money used for drug-trafficking had been transacted through mobile money services. “According to police reports 90 per cent of drug-trafficking could be controlled if mobile money transfer services were halted,” he said.