Draft of new Constitution could be expected this week

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vlcsnap-2018-07-09-15h35m38s888By Sandun A Jayasekera

The draft of the new Constitution of Sri Lanka could be expected this week, the main architect of the constitution making process, Parliamentarian Dr Jayampathi Wickremaratne said yesterday.

“Experts are working tirelessly to finish the job and a draft is expected within this week,” Dr Wickramaratne said. At the last Steering Committee meeting, the experts requested to prepare an initial draft of the proposed Constitution based on the interim report, where different views were expressed by political parties and this draft will be the basis for further discussion for the Steering Committee. On March 9, 2016, Parliament formally initiated a Constitution-making process in line with resolution 30/1 and is now at an advanced stage. The ‘Constitutional Steering Committee’ has to submit its final report to Parliament, and if it is approved, a Constitutional Proposal has to be drafted.

In November 2016, the Constitutional Assembly appointed six Sub-Committees on main Constitutional subjects. Each Sub-Committee consisted of 11 members, including the Chairman, as resolved by the Steering Committee and subsequently approved by the Constitutional Assembly. The Sub-Committees were mandated to develop constitutional principles for consideration of the Steering Committee in the designated subject areas.

The Government’s Constitutional reform process began in January 2016 and the entire Parliament was converted into a Constitutional Assembly with cross-party participation. Dr. Wickramaratne said it was up to the Constitutional Assembly to discuss the draft Constitution and pass it soon.