Cabinet agrees to capital Punishment on drug trafficking

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By Kelum Bandara
In the aftermath of rising cases of drug trafficking, the Cabinet decided yesterday to implement the capital punishment against convicted  criminals,it is learnt.   


President Maithripala Sirisena moved the Cabinet in this regard to start the execution of criminals convicted of drug related offences as a deterrent measure.   

Though death sentence is a legal penalty in Sri Lanka for murder and drug trafficking convicts, no execution has been carried out since 1976. The President, as the Head of State, has to sanction the implementation in terms of the law. Executions are done by hanging from the gallows. Sri Lanka has the gallows in two prisons – Welikada and Bogambara.  

The Cabinet discussed the need to re-introduce the capital punishment in the backdrop of the police arresting two suspects with 103.9 kilos of heroin with a street value of Rs. 1,248 million on Sunday. There are more than 1000 prisoners currently serving on the death row.   

As an initial step, the Cabinet decided to carry out the executions of these death row prisoners found to be operating drug cartels from behind the bars.