Police can’t fight underworld through cheap tactics

Published : 9:48 am  July 11, 2018 | No comments so far |  | 


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Wildlife Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka yesterday said the police would not be able to eradicate the underworld by resorting to third grade and futile methods.Untitled-2


Speaking to the media after visiting Bakamuna and Bambulla, where elephant issues were reported, the Field Marshal said some police officers in his electorate reportedly assault innocent people, file court cases against innocent people after planting drug packets and also demand for ransom.  

“Even yesterday, a child from my area had been taken by the police, chilli powder had been put in the child’s eyes. His head had been covered with a polythene bag before beating him. These type of methods cannot be used to curb the underworld,” he said.    He said the police should act in an honest manner to control the underworld.   

“Curbing the underworld is not an impossible task if done properly. However, the law shouldn’t be taken to people’s hands. The underworld related issues are not under my purview. We will support the Law and Order Minister and the Deputy Minister,” he said.