Kawdana-Attidiya road still remains neglected

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Text & Pics By H. M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath 

The Kawdana- Attidiya road which is used as an alternative to the Dehiwala – Attidiya road has not received the attention of the authorities and remains neglected.   

The storm water that gets collected at the Kawdana Pokuna road flows into this road, creating several pot holes and thereby inconveniencing both the motorists and the pedestrians.   

A resident Deepal Alwis speaking to the media said that as long as he remembers this road was not developed by any government. Whatever repairs they had effected beginning with much hype had remained incomplet. The storm water drains were not attended and the overflowing of polluted water flows through this road the stagnant water severely inconvenience the general public.   

When a roadway is developed the coordination of the water resources board, electricity board and the SLT is very necessary. However due to the absence of this coordination the electrical posts, telephone posts brought to be used along with the road development lies along this road. The places where the road was dug up to provide water connections also remain unattended. There are many pot holes found on the road. Many residents including businessmen had brought this issue to the attention of the authorities.   

They stated that several motorcyclists met with accidents while wading through the pot holes and the flowing muddy waters. With the motorcyclists attempting to avoid the pot holes had crashed into the pedestrians who walk along the edge of this road avoiding the muddy and slippery road.   

As and when complaints are received about the condition of this road and the series of accidents the people were exposed to the authorities dump lorry loads of Debris and fill up the cavities on the road, which get washed away as and when it rains.   

The appeals of the residents seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as the Municipality, or the water resources board had not visited the site. Recently when a church feast was held nearby the chariot which carried the statue of St Anthony had much difficulty in manoeuvring through this dilapidated road avoiding the pot holes.   

The resident appeal to the authorities to take steps early to fill up these pot holes, remove the unused posts and carpet this road.