Three politicians killed last month: JO

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By Kalathma Jayawardhane  

While stating that three politicians were killed during last month due to underworld activities, the joint opposition yesterday said there was a rapid increase in underworld activities and drug trafficking at present in the country, which was needed to be curbed.  

Joint Opposition member MP Dullas Alahapperuma told a news conference that the outbreak of underworld activities were a good indication for the foreign forces who contributed towards the establishment of good governance in Sri Lanka.  

MP Alahapperuma said these activities were also a good indication to represent the direction in which the country was proceeding towards at the moment.  

“According to the media reports, there were more than 1,200 thefts, 704 rapes and 274 murders for the last six months. Accordingly, at least three murders were committed per two days during this period,” he said.  “Earlier, Colombo used to be the internationally recognized best and safest city in the world. Now the condition has been changed. There are also many ransom cases in and around Colombo. The country is facing dreadful condition unlike before due to the outbreak of underworld activities,” he added.  

He said the police and law enforcing authorities had also become crippled at present due to several political involvements.