Rs. 45,000 stolen when Chief Monk fell asleep while watching teledrama

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MB_1-2By Sunil S. Thanthriarachchi and Wishwa Gemunu Priyankara   

Meegahatenna Police said that a person who entered the temple stealthily had broken the ‘Chudamanikkaya’ and stolen a sum of Rs. 45,000 while the chief incumbent of the temple dozed off while watching a teledrama.   

This inquiry had been made according to a complaint made by incumbent of the Wickramasheela Pirivena in Pasdunkoralaya and Sanghanayake of Kalutara District Ven. Kavayankulaye Wipassi Thera (89).   

He said that he was watching the teledrama ‘Me Adarai’ last Thursday. He said he went to the verandah later and found that the keys of the Almirah was missing. Then he had found one section of Almirah was ajar. After that a person who was hiding inside had thrown a robe towards him and fled. The packet which contained Rs. 45,000 had been missing.   

He later found that the ‘Chudamanikkaya’ worth Rs. 150,000 had been broken by striking against a rock.