Father nabbed for feeding alcohol to toddler

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Dad: Aah! a little bit spilled..only a little bit.  

Man 1: I think something happened with him.   

Dad: He is asking for it. Can’t you see?   

 (Pointing towards someone else and says to the kid) Oya, eya part daanawa…he is blaming…ask if he is crazy.   

Man 2: Don’t make him drink again..not even a sip.   

From background: (Challenges to the kid) Try to drink if you can..  

: Deepan…deepan..deepan   

Dad: (To the kid).now enough ah..no no not again. 


By Darshana Sanjeewa   

The father of a toddler was arrested for feeding an alcoholic beverage to his 13-month-old toddler, the Meegalawa Police said yesterday. 

   The Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said the arrest was made after a video went viral on social media.   The video shows the father keeping the toddler when drinking alcohol with his friends and feeding alcohol to the toddler.   

SP Gunasekara said the suspects, aged between 23 and 50 who were residents of Meegalawa, would be produced in the Galigamuwa Magistrate’s court on charges of child cruelty.   Investigation revealed that the incident had occured last Saturday and the toddler was produced for a medical test before the Anuradhapura Judicial Medical Officer on Monday. 

Meanwhile, the spokesman said a total of 48 complaints related to child cruelty had been reported within the first five months of this year while 98 cases were reported in 2017. He said Child and Women Bureau of Police are investigating those incidents.     


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Thilina: Well Done  

Chari: What a sad state of affairs. Blame the so-called IT revolution that has totally defaced society….. Face Book…The Web…Smart Phones etc.