Inform before holding ministerial meetings: Reginald to CS

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By F. Aslam   

Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray on Tuesday (17) advised Northern Province Chief Secretary (CS) A. Pathinathan not to hold any ministerial meetings without informing him first.   


The Governor issued this order considering the difficulties that had arisen due to the issuance of the Interim injunction by the Appeals Court staying the removal of P. Deniswaran as Provincial Minister of Fisheries and Transport.   
The fact that Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran had neglected to do the necessary alterations to the list of Provincial Ministers in the Northern Province in accordance with the court order was said to have caused the chaotic situation.   

Chief Secretary Pathinathan had brought to the notice of the Governor that there were now six ministers attending council meetings after the re-instatement of Provincial Minister P. Deniswaran which had complicated matters. He had requested for advice from the NP Governor last Thursday (12) on how to proceed.