Measures to provide quality security for smart cities SLLRDC signs an MoU with HTZH

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By Thilanka Kanakarathna  

In a bid to provide quality security to significant development projects mainly in Colombo and its suburbs, the LRDC Services (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) signed an MoU with Hua Tai Zong Heng Security Technology (Pvt) Ltd. (HTZH).   

Untitled-4Speaking at a press event SLLRDC Chairman Roshan Gunawardena stressed that “there can be no smart city without smart security.”   

Gunawardena stated that Sri Lanka, was at a critical juncture in which it needed these service. However, the general public felt that the quality, continuity and impact of such services provided in the country was woefully inadequate.   

“I instructed my staff to conduct a comprehensive, island wide market analysis of the entire sector. The six month effort proved the extent of public negativity with respect to our primary services. This was despite the fact that both manpower based security services as well as equipment based surveillance services have flooded the local market.” Gunawardena explained that a large number of manpower service providers meant that each of them would attempt to severely undercut the other and provide low cost services to clients. On the other hand, those who opted for equipment based security were merely provided a clutch of surveillance devices that could only be useful for performing post-event analysis after security has been breached.   

“In both cases, the public perception was that both types of these services as well as mixes thereof provided minimal cover only and were, essentially, mostly cosmetic. The agreement with HTZH will ensure responsive Prevention and Protection (P&P) services,” he said.   

Meanwhile, Zeng Bao, HTZH Vice President stated that the SLLRDC shared the common recognition of the idea of smart security.   

“China Security Technology Group Co., Ltd., (CSTG) which is a collaborating partner with HTZH, is an integrated security solution provider skilled in using advanced technology approach and decision making capability to ensure of professionalism and sustainability of the security business.”  

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Champika Ranawaka speaking at the event said that priority will be given for efficient green construction of urban, commercial and domestic areas, integrated accessibility, and information in interchanging networks, smart management of utilities, smart transport and logistics , cutting edge prevention and protection services in the government’s development plans.