FB to remove misinformation following episodes in SL

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LATE-CITY-MB_1-10The Facebook Social Media network, which faces growing criticism for posts that have incited violence in some countries including Sri Lanka, said Wednesday that it would begin removing misinformation that could lead to violence, the New York  Times reported.


The policy expands Facebook’s rules about what type of false information it will remove and is largely a response to episodes in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India in which rumours that spread on Facebook led to real-world attacks on ethnic minorities.

The report said:

“We have identified that there is a type of misinformation that is shared in certain countries that can incite underlying tensions and lead to physical harm offline. We have a broader responsibility to not just reduce that type of content but remove it,” a Facebook product manager Tessa Lyons said.

Facebook has been roundly criticized over the way its platform has been used to spread hate speech and false information that prompted the violence.  The company has struggled to balance its belief in free speech with those concerns, particularly in countries where access to the internet is relatively new and there are limited mainstream news sources to counter social media rumours.