LETTER TO THE METRO PAGE No more pavement at Kalubowila

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Untitled-5Untitled-3The pavement of the Kalubowila Hospital Road is being redone. While this is a good thing, for the last four weeks, the residents and other road users, including patients and nurses, have been subject to much inconvenience.

The pavement from Galle Road to beyond the hospital has been dug up and no one can walk on what used to be the pavement, anymore. I attach hereto photos and no further explanation is necessary.

Should this have not been done in stages, section by section?

The road, although widened from time to time, (over the last 40 years!) is still too narrow for the large volume of traffic that uses this road. People walk on the road at great risk to themselves.

The business establishments and residents are greatly inconvenienced.

I understand the RDA is responsible for this work. Should this not have been done in a more systematic manner?






-Eksith Fernando