Where is the platform at Angulana ?

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Text & Pics by Rekha Tharangani Fonseka

The platform of the Angulana Railway Station had sunk to a level that now the passengers had to jump off the compartments, Moratuwa Municipal Councillor Nalani Premawathi said.

“Even pregnant women were compelled to jump out of it in the evening and the platform has sunk to the ground level posing a danger to the passengers,” she said.

She said that pregnant women had to get on to the platform with the help of the other passengers.

Following the issue was highlighted in the media journalists visited the Station. Residents said that not only the women but also children got injured while getting down the train.

“In fact, the platform has sunken to ground level,” a resident said.

After getting down from the four steps of the compartment, passengers should jump on to the ground, which was once the platform.

 “We sent petitions highlighting the grievances of the passengers in this regard but they had fallen on deaf ears. The construction of the platform has been turned down by the railway workers because travelling expenses (batta) would not be paid to the distant areas from Moratuwa and that the authorities would wait till a passenger would compensate this situation against his or her life,” a passenger said.

When the General Manager of Railways S.M. Abewickrama inquired said that this was a problem that could be heard and seen from many areas.

He said that steps had been taken to resolve the problems with the resources available to them at present and would expect to solve the problem of the Angulana Platform in due course.