To obtain revenue licence: Produce NIC/ Birth certificate

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By Chaturanga Samarawickrama  

It had been made compulsory to produce the National Identity Card and the original copy of the birth certificate when obtaining the revenue licence, Director of Traffic Administration and Road Safety SP Indika Hapugoda said.  
He said several rackets were being operating to create forged Vehicle Emission Test (VET) certificate to obtain revenue licence.  

Responding to a social media post circulating claiming on the requirement of the Birth Certificate and the NIC when obtaining revenue licence SP Hapugoda said there was a racket operating to issue VET certificate.   

Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said the decision was taken due to illegal activities done by racketeers to obtain the driving license from Provincial Revenue Licence Renewal Department and Divisional Secretariats in the countrywide.  
Therefore, the decision was taken to identify the absolute owner of the revenue-driving licence.  

If someone found with forged VET Certificate during check he/she would be arrested and legal action would be instituted under the Code Of Criminal Procedure Act, he said.