Welikada prison: Inmates given amnesty period to return mobile phones, SIM cards

Published : 9:10 am  July 27, 2018 | No comments so far |  | 


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By Chamara Sampath  

Welikada Prison officials have displayed notices inside the prisons premises ordering inmates to handover any mobile phones or SIM cards to officers immediately, if they had any.  


Prisons sources said the notices were put up in places where inmates and prisoners frequented.  

The notices said that those who handed over mobile phones or SIM cards before raids  being carried out in the cells, would be pardoned and those, who failed to do so and caught with such devices after the given date, would receive maximum punishment.  

Earlier, the Justice and Prisons Ministry said it would take action against inmates and prisoners, who used mobile phones and SIM cards.  

Proposals were also made to fix electronic equipment to prevent the use of mobile devices within prison premises.