Dickwella UNP PS member escapes death from shooting

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By Krishan Jeewaka Jayaruk 

Three unidentified persons who had entered the house of Dickwella UNP PS Member Priyantha Wanigarathne in Batheegama, posing off as police officers had opened fire in an attempt to kill him. However, the Dickwella Police said he had been able to save himself by stepping away.

The suspects posing off as officers from the intelligence unit, had demanded the occupants to open the door of the house. When the PS member’s wife and son had opened the door, the suspects had then said they needed to check the house as they had received information about weapons in the house. 

On hearing the commotion, the PS member had awakened and asked the suspects for their police identity cards, when they had immediately  fired at him. However, when Mr. Wanigarathne had jumped aside, the shots had struck the walls of the house.   

The suspects had then fled in the motorcycles they had arrived.   

Police suspect that an improvised Galkatas type of weapon had been used in the firing. Investigations are being carried out to determine the reason behind the incident.   

In a similar incident last week a businessman from Kamburupitiya had also escaped from being killed.   

Dickwella Police are continuing further investigations under the direction of Southern Province SSP F. Fernando and led by DIG Vijitha Gunarathne.