A World Class Beach Park from Kollupitiya to Dehiwala? A Reply A response to the Daily mirror above project announced in the of July 26

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This is not the first time that such projects with, fantastic, unbelievable and out of this world type of fancy promises have come out, whose origin could always be traced to a twisted version of a similar proposal made by one of our own professionals some years ago, purely out of national interest.

Two earlier similar fancy projects to solve Colombo’s flood problem have been appropriately replied by me to the same paper that published such proposal to our people.

And now yet another historic project of reclaiming land from the sea appears in the Daily Mirror of July 26 announcing that Cabinet Approval too had been granted for this world-class beachfront at a cost of $ 300 million (Loan ???) next to the mega multimillion dollar Port City Project as reported by Xinhua, reclaiming 85 hectares of beachfront through landfill with NARA too giving six months period for the feasibility study.

I feel sad to inform readers, who dream of these fancy projects and those who gave Cabinet Approval that this forms part of an original proposal made in yet another paper on January 2005 (Copy available).

Both the Cabinet of Ministers and the respected NARA may not believe that the author of this project (myself) is still alive to give them a piece of my mind.

I made such proposal not with the idea of making money but purely out of national interest to protect the Southern Railway Line, which can soon get washed into the sea (See picture) and as a safeguard against future tsunamis.
My proposal of 31st January 31, 2005, was titled Reclaiming Land from the Sea What the Sea had taken from Us.

My proposal was not aimed at doing business or making money but purely a contribution from a national minded professional engineer with long years of experience who has had the misfortune of remaining in this beloved country to witness these comedies, long years working along the Western Coastal Belt unlike those who entertained this fancy project.

It was a simple proposal to regain land for our country.

The highlights of my multipurpose proposal were, firstly while proposing how to save the Southern Railway Line from getting washed into the sea in the near future also to oppose the idiotic proposal to shift the railway line by one-kilometre inland, a near impossible task.  

A supporting cross-section of the beachfront after the proposed reclamation was also given in the same article of January 2005 (Shown below) The cross section shows dearly the new sea frontage, the newly reclaimed beach front for recreation etc. several times more than 85 hectares and also acting as a barrier for any future tsunamis, the green belt party existing at present, the newly protected railway line to the south and the existing old road to the south.
My final question to the new promoters now is how long is your grandiose proposal trying to impress our people announcing from time to time such fancy projects estimated to cost billions of Loan money pushing us into a massive debt trap to be repaid by many-yet-unborn generation.

Do they go to the extent of outright violating the intellectual property rights of our own genuine national minded older generation of helpless engineers, who had made many sacrifices to remain in this country, make such proposals many years ago purely out of national interest, while they are still alive?

Whatever our power hungry Sirs do, please remember that “our country and our people come first and money later.





Don’t worry about brain drain!

Eng. Anton Nanayakkara

Consultant Civil Engineer